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Spots of a different kind – Giraffe

Thought I’d take a break from the Leopard photos for the sake of variety and post a few of another favorite African creature – the Giraffe.  These large, sometimes gawky, sometimes graceful creatures seemed to be plentiful in our area of Kruger and we saw many of them over 3 days.  The interesting thing is that even though they lurk above many of the brush lines and on the level with many of the trees, they can be amazingly difficult to spot – because of their spots….This first guy wasn’t too difficult as he was clearly above all of his surroundings and framed against a dull sky – allowing us to get a good facial portrait.

Tall boy....

As with many of the other animals we got to see some family groups with youngsters.  This next photo just looked to me like a mom talking to her daughter about something that she wasn’t thrilled with.  I’m sure they were just enjoying their breakfast but I’ll always interpret it as a conversation….

"now listen, young lady....."