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Weekly Photo Challenge: My 2012 in Pictures

I wouldn’t say that these are my “best” but they are all photos that I love and that capture the local inhabitants of places we went this year.  Happy New Years to all!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

If you’ve been to this blog before, you know I love reflection photos.  Here’s a few that I haven’t shared before that I like.  I had previously posted a photo of this bear staring at his reflection but it was more of a closeup without the landscape behind.  I took this one at the same time but wanted to “flip the horizon” and capture the surrounding landscape in the reflection rather than directly.  I think it is an interesting composition….

Upside down mountain

Upside down mountain

The second photo is a more traditional reflection photo – taken at Homer Alaska harbor on a perfectly beautiful and still morning….I think the vertical posts with the diagonal  of the docks make this photo.

Safe Harbor

Safe Harbor

The last one is from a lake at the Kenai Wilderness Lodge.  I always look at this photo and think that there must have been spots on my lens causing distortions until I look closer to see that it is really just the misty clouds on the mountains being reflected on the still lake.

Can't you hear the quiet?

Can’t you hear the quiet?



Inspiration: Part II

Last week there was a special photo challenge on Inspiration with the stipulation that it had to include me in the picture.  I thought I’d post again on the same subject without yours truly ruining the landscape.  As you may recall, my earlier post  had to do with nature and the outdoors as well as sharing that environment with friends.  Here’s another view, from the same spot in Hallo Bay Alaska that also captures that inspiration.  This photo shows the “galley tent” of our camp at dusk (probably about 10 or 11 in the evening) with a nice little sunset over the mountains.  It was one of the few sunsets without overcast so it was a notable event on our trip.  I hope this inspires you as much as does me……

Special Photo Challenge: Inspiration

The Daily Post today featured this challenge which is supposed to be a photo of ME doing something which inspires me.  I don’t normally have many shots of myself as I am always too busy taking other shots but this photo came to mind….  This photo was taken by Ross Forsyth a great Scotsman and fine photographer who shared last year’s Bear expedition with my wife and I and with Jamie, an Aussie and another fine photographer, who is also featured in the photo.  It shows us walking up the beach in Hallo Bay Alaska after a hard day of taking Brown Bear (and Wolf) photos.  Being out in the elements and enjoying all of Nature’s incredible creations is as inspiring as it gets.

Enjoying the walk back to our Bear Camp…..Probably talking about our friend Ross who is taking this nice photo!

A brighter day? A path forward?

Well, our american elections are over – back to the harder job of actually governing the country.  I hope that our representatives, both new and incumbent, try to keep in mind that “doing the work of the people” is what we actually expect from them.  In any case, being the optimist that I am, I thought I’d post this photo trying to capture both the thought of a new beginning and a path (even if it is narrow) ahead.  This was taken in the early morning at Hallo Bay, Alaska before we went out to play with the brown bears last summer.

Go toward the light!!

Alaska – Favorite (and last) Bear

I thought I’d post this photo of one of my favorite Bears from our trip.  This guy was out all by himself on the tidal flats clamming as we were waiting for airplane to come pick us up from the beach.  We first walked out without cameras just to spend some time with the bear before we left.  After about 10 minutes we all realized that this was a special bear – both very photogenic and very cooperative in posing as he was going about his searches on some of the rocky areas of the flats.  We ran about a quarter mile back to the beach to get our cameras and spent about 20 minutes with him before the tide started coming in (quickly).  It was a great way to end our stay with the bears and the perfect bear to provide the final fond memory of our week.

What a great Bear!!

Alaska – Fox of a different color

Last week I posted a picture of a red fox on the beach.  We also saw this guy – first in the weeds and then out on the beach.  If you compare the two, they have entirely different coloring with this one being kind of a chocolate brown.  I looked for pictures to match this one and came across a “cross fox” which I found differing opinions on – whether it was a red fox with a seasonal coat or whether it is a different species.   In any case he was very daper in his different colors and he gave us quit a chase before we got any photos of him.

A darker shade of fox

Alaska – Play fighting bears

We didn’t get to see any serious bear fights in Alaska as we were past the prime mating period.  We did however, get to see a couple of play fights among sub adult males.  These two went at it for quite a while including chasing eachother from one side of a stream to the other and then re-engaging.  They were fairly rough but you could tell that it didn’t have the intensity or the intent that a real fight has.

Bear Bite

Alaska – the Lone Wolf

We had been hoping that we would have some good opportunities to see wolves while in Hallo Bay.  As it turns out, we saw lots of “evidence” of wolves but not many wolves in the flesh.  In fact, I think we only really saw one wolf – but we saw him twice in the same place.  Our guide had told us he had seen wolves along a string of tidal driftwood in the meadows.  While near there, I caught a glimpse of what I think was a large grey wolf but he disappeared very quickly and did not reappear.  While keeping a lookout for that wolf, we found this youngster sitting atop a rocky outcropping just surveying the meadow.  We took a long and circuitous route to approach him without disturbing him and we were able to get some decent, long distance photos.  This is my favorite, with him just relaxing and watching us from his perch.  It was a great thing to see and capture in the wild.  I hope you enjoy!

Lone Wolf Stare

Just so you can understand the distances, this photo was taken at 60-70 yards away and is cropped to highlight the wolf.  When we first saw this wolf he looked like this (through a 500mm telephoto lens) at a LONG ways away…

Wolf at a distance

A gentler view of Bear relationships

Last week I posted a photo and description of Brown Bear sex lives.  I thought I should also mention that we saw another instance where a male bear approached a female and just kind of gently nuzzled her before just wandering away.  I know that I am probably humanizing this behavior but it appeared to us that this was a kind of show of affection.  It only lasted for a few seconds but I did get this photo showing the two together – you be the judge….

Affection? – or just a passing sniff?