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Pre-Holiday Cuteness

I’m in the process of backing up my thousands of photos and combining some of my Libraries.  As I transferred some files from one our Alaska trips I started to look through some of the pics.  Couldn’t resist sharing this one with you before the holidays – hope you all have a great holiday season!!

Who says puppies are cute?

Who says puppies are cute?

Hue 2 – Morning light

I was just going through some of my photos from Alaska and came across another nice example of a dominant “hue” –  the yellow tones of this early morning view of the Homer, Alaska harbor.  It was a beautiful morning there with great colors all around.  We were waiting for our morning coffee when I spotted this planter on a porch railing.  It fit right in with the other overall tones of the morning but added a few more tones and colors from the flowers.  I can still feel the morning sun when I look back on this photo.   Hope you enjoy this to start your week….

Good Morning Sunshine!

Good Morning Sunshine!

Para-gliding in Homer Alaska at Sunset

I hadn’t posted a landscape for a while (I’m always intimidated by my friend Jeff Sinon’s photos) but I thought I’d post this one of a beautiful evening in Homer Alaska.  We had finished with our wildlife searches for the day and just went down to wander around by the Homer Spit (a thin peninsula and harbor) to take some sunset pics. We kept getting buzzed by a guy in a powered para-glider so I thought I’d try and capture him in a sunset photo looking across to the mountains on the other side of Kachemak Bay.

Sunset glide

Sunset glide

Playing Peek a Boo with a Moose

The first day we arrived in Homer, Alaska my wife and I went for a short hike in a nearby park to see if we could find a moose in the swampland.  After about an hour, I heard some branches crackle to my right and turned to get this view of a Moose.  I quickly scanned the area to see if there were any calves around but I didn’t see any.  I called to my wife who was behind me on the trail and told her she was about to get a visitor.  A few seconds later the moose calmly walked by her and proceeded toward the swamp.  It was a nice way to begin the wildlife part of our trip and it turned out to one of only a few moose that we saw during our trip.  It was an unexpectedly close encounter in a densely wooded area but one that stayed calm and quiet as we all went our own way…..

Not sure who was more surprised....

Not sure who was more surprised….

Homer (Alaska) Harbor and Kachemak Bay

Just thought I’d post a photo from the beautiful little harbor on the Homer “spit”.  On nice days like this one, the harbor always provides some spectacular landscapes.  This photo features the totally still water of the harbor reflecting a picteresque cloud cover in the morning.

Homer Harbor reflections

Homer Harbor reflections

We were most privileged to share this wonderful morning with our friends Jay and Adele who live in Homer in the summers and were nice enough to  take us out on their boat for a tour of the bay .

Kachemak Bay glory

Kachemak Bay glory

Bummer! Oh well….on to the next adventure

As I mentioned in my last post, we were worried about the weather in the wilderness area that we were going to.  As it turns out the weather got even worse – to the extent that it pretty much destroyed the camp that we were going to.  Our guide and his guests were stranded in an awful storm but were finally able to get a plane in to take everyone out – tired, wet, but unharmed.  Unfortunately, our bear adventure has been cancelled.  We’re kind of scrambling to figure out what we are going to do while we are here but it looks like we’ll be able to go out to a lodge on Lake Clark for at least two days with the Bears.  In the meantime, I’ll try to give you some updates on where we go from here… gotta love Alaska.

This photo is the closest we’ve gotten to our quest so far…..


In the meantime, we’ll have put up with the lousy scenery around here…….

View from outside our window this morning

View from outside our window this morning

Alaska – How cute is this?

Before we went to see the bears, we spent some time on the bay near Homer Alaska in our friend Jay’s boat.  We had the opportunity to spend some quality time with these delightful creatures – the sea otter.  I’m not sure there is a better definition of cute than a picture of an otter (okay, maybe a koala bear works also).  We saw many in singles or small groups but we never did see a “raft” (that really is the plural for otters) of otters that Jay told us were plentiful in the area.  Here’s your quota for cute for today!

“Hey, look at me – handsome, huh?”

Alaska – Anchor Point (Bald Eagles Everywhere!)

After we left the Bears in Hallo Bay, we flew back to Homer for a quick overnighter before heading onto the next part of our trip.  We only had a few hours but my “bear mates” had told be about an area outside of Homer which was incredible for getting good close shots of bald eagles on the beach.  We borrowed a car and headed out there and it was as advertised.  Bald eagles in the trees, on the beach, and flying over the water.  There were probably 20-30 of them at any given time and they didn’t seem at all skittish at our presence.  This first photo, which is one of my favorites from the entire Alaska trip, gives an idea of the place – an adult bald eagle sitting with a juvenile eagle and a gull. They allowed us to get very close to get this kind of shot.  Hope you enjoy!!

Birds of different feathers

Horseback in Homer

So today I did my first horseback ride in about 20 years.  It was a gorgeous day here in Homer Alaska and it was shirtsleeve weather for most of the morning.  I hopped on my trusty steed “Tony” and pretty much let him do a lot of the driving.  We were mostly down by the end of Kachemak Bay near Homer and the scenery was incredible.  Not too much unusual in the way of wildlife but we did run across a group of wild horses on the tidal flats.  I managed to get this photo of a couple of them with a flock of Kitty wakes taking off in back of them.

Wild Horses and their “air cover”

Thanks to our friend Jay for his incredible hospitality and local knowledge and to our friend Sarah for the ice cream detour!  Tomorrow its on to Hallo Bay and hopefully lots of Coastal Brown Bears and other creatures.  Signing off for now…

Homer Alaska

Well, it looks like I have connectivity for at least a day or two.  Our trip to Alaska was uneventful and then our van ride down to Homer was very enjoyable with nice people and good scenery (mountain sheep, moose, eagles).  We spent last night and today at our friend Jay’s house which is beautifully located on top of a scenic drive in Homer.  This is the view from his back yard looking across the bay toward one of the glaciers.


We spent most of today touring on Jay’s boat and tomorrow we will be horseback riding along the bay.  I’ll probably get one more post in before we leave for Hallo Bay and lose our communications links…..