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Weekly Photo Challenge: Tiny

I took a photo earlier this week that fits the challenge “Tiny” perfectly.  While leaving the house I noticed some hummingbirds feeding on a bird of paradise next to my front porch.  I quickly got my camera and got a few decent shots of this tiny, agile flyer.  The colors of the hummer and the bird of paradise blended pretty nicely…..

Life goes on......I hope.

Seeing Triple

So I got up this morning, had some caffeine, and for some reason thought about trying to capture the hummingbirds in my backyard in a different way.  I have never really used the multiple exposure feature of my cameras but I thought it would be fun – but maybe impossible – to capture a multiple exposure of a hummingbird feeding on our flowered bushes.  So I grabbed my tripod and camera and made the long 30 foot trek to the edge of the canyon we live on. I was a little late for “peak” morning hummingbird time but I did get a couple of opportunities to try the shot.  While this one is a little busy and the flowers aren’t in great focus  (the wind was blowing), the hummingbird did manage to be clear in three different positions in one sequence.

Crowded in them thar bushes.....

Crowded in them thar bushes…..

I also had an opportunity to get a large (single) bee of some sort moving between the blooms…..

Just passing through....

Just passing through….

Maybe not the greatest photos in the world in terms of art but they were fun to experiment with.  A bored photographer is a dangerous thing….



I’ve posted a few pics of local hummingbirds on this blog.  All of them are hovering over, or on, flowers – happily feeding.  I  like this photo because the hummer is  in flight away from the flowers and everything else, including his wings, is blurred.  I also liked the muted background colors with a mixture of morning blue skies, green plants, and a few pink flowers.

Faster than a speeding.....

Faster than a speeding…..

A few minutes in my backyard….

Couldn’t decide what to post today so thought I’d just sit by some flowering bushes in my backyard to see what flew by…….

Orange Hummer

Orange Hummer

My first visitor was what I think is a Rufous Hummingbird.  They’re elusive little guys but I managed to get this one in pretty good focus.

Monday Morning Busy Bee

Monday Morning Busy Bee

There weren’t as many other birds around as there usually are so I figured I’d practice on some bees – got this guy as he was coming into a landing on this flower.

Backyard Hummingbird

While up in Yellowstone with my Scottish friends, I was surprised that they do not have hummingbirds over there – and had never seen one.  I took this photo in my San Diego backyard on Thursday to send to them as just a quick snapshot of our frequent visitors.  I always find these guys fascinating.  Whether you have them around your locale or not, I hope you enjoy.

Hummingbird Humming

Hummingbird Humming

My favorite hummingbird shot….so far

I always look for opportunities to capture these incredible birds in flight – and I think I’m getting better at it with the practice.  This is my current favorite.  This was also taken at the san diego wild animal park but not at one of the exhibits – just a bush that I was passing by that had nice light and this little guy.  I was especially pleased that I caught him (or her) “flashing” the pink color to match the flowers.

Pretty in Pink (and Green)

Hummingbird Hover

This is another in my series of test shots around the back yard this week.  This was taken in the late afternoon with some tricky lighting as you can see with the bright sun reflection in the background.  These little “hummers” love the trees and flowers (fuchsia in this case) in our outdoor living room.  Its really nice to have them just drop in as I’m sitting out there reading, playing guitar, or better yet, taking photos.  Hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

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