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Weekly Photo Challenge: Selfie (kinda)

Okay – ya gotta bear with me on this one.  First of all – I don’t do selfies… a matter of fact, I never appear in the vast majority of our photo trips because I am always in back of the camera and not in front of it.  But every once in a while, we get close enough to an animal that I can actually see the reflection in its eyes.  Such is the case with this photo of an African Jackal….can’t really see me, but if you blow it up (click on it) and look close you can clearly see the reflection of the ground and the sky AND our safari vehicle!  That tiny bump on the top of the vehicle is me….. an “almost a selfie”…..

Can you see me?

Can you see me?

In case you were wondering, here is whole picture that I was taking – the very cute Jackal sitting in the middle of a road!

Lazy little guy....

Lazy little guy….