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Weekly Photo Challenge: Half and Half

Here’s my entry to this week’s challenge “Half and Half.”  I took this photo last week at the San Diego Zoo.  I was there late in the afternoon hoping to get a photo of a young jaguar cub with some dramatic lighting and shadows.  The photo that I liked was one in which the cub is partially in the sun with the background in shadows.  It turned out that there is close to equal parts light and dark – half and half kitty……

half light or half dark?

half light or half dark?

Jaguar cub

I can never resist young animals and this Jaguar young’n is no exception.  This guy was born, along with his sister, about 6 months ago.  I took this photo at the San Diego Zoo the other night as they were playing tag in the trees.  I lucked out to catch this expression on his face.  Happy Monday!

“Slow down sis – I’m coming!”