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Rude Awakening….

I was down at the children’s beach in La Jolla a week or so ago testing out some new gear on one of my favorite local subjects – the California Sea Lions.  This very cute, young white sea lion was happily snoozing away when a wave came crashing over him and made him readjust his position.  He may have been ticked off but it gave me this fun stop-action capture of the wave as it engulfed his little face……



Pelican Flare

Okay, so its time for some “around home” shots – and of course, one of my fallbacks is the always photogenic Pelican.  In this case, I wanted to try out a new piece of equipment – a gimbal head for my tripod that I bought in preparation for our Alaska trip this summer.  The intent is to provide a more stable platform (than my hands) while still being able to smoothly track a “target” in motion.  I titled this photo “pelican flare” both because it shows his “flare” in preparation for landing as well as the bright red bill and throat that also shows some “flare”.  Maybe he’s getting ready for the Oscar red carpet this weekend!

All decked out for Landing