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Bad Hair Day at the Beach

Normally California Sea Lions fur is extremely smooth and its hard to even distinguish the hair.  This little guy appeared to be having a very bad hair day at the edge of the surf at the children’s beach in La Jolla.  I really enjoyed trying to get a good photo of such a young pup with his unruly locks…..

Anybody got a brush?

Anybody got a brush?

Rude Awakening….

I was down at the children’s beach in La Jolla a week or so ago testing out some new gear on one of my favorite local subjects – the California Sea Lions.  This very cute, young white sea lion was happily snoozing away when a wave came crashing over him and made him readjust his position.  He may have been ticked off but it gave me this fun stop-action capture of the wave as it engulfed his little face……