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Weekly Photo Challenge: Adventure

Well, we are just returned from 3 weeks in Europe but I wouldn’t classify that trip as an adventure.  It was very enjoyable but fairly quiet and even.  As a contrast, I would classify our trips to camp with the Brown Bears in Alaska or our African trips as adventures – not only because of wildness of the areas but also because you are always in the presence of animals with minds of their own.  I don’t mean that these activities are hazardous – but they are adventurous and interesting because you are experiencing things so far from our normal human interactions and lifestyles.  I picked this photo (pretty much at random from my desktop) to illustrate a moment that made this an adventure – a chance to witness a wild lioness “schooling” her young ones in their behavior.

Adventurous moment - at least for the cub....

Adventurous moment – at least for the cub….

Weekly Photo Challenge: Threes

As I said in my last post, I just finished putting a slideshow of our trip to Africa together.  It was pretty easy to just pull a few photos that we are using to tell part of that story.  On our first night in Tanzania, our evening game drive was spent with a large pride of lions.  We first spotted some of them sitting on a large rock while others were climbing up….  My friend Mike actually took this photo as a panorama as I didn’t have any lenses to take this very wide shot.

What's that on the horizon?

What’s that on the horizon?

As we got closer, we saw there were two lioness on the rock with many cubs.  They were pretty busy trying to feed and manage all the little cubs.

Mom is a VERY busy lady in great demand!

Mom is a VERY busy lady in great demand!

After a while, they all settled down and started their naps.  Luckily for us, it was just as the sun was going down and we had some REALLY nice light for photographs.  Hope you enjoyed this 3 photo short story of one amazing evening in Africa……

Family Portrait at Sunset

Family Portrait at Sunset