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Weekly Photo Challenge: Vibrant

This is a little different entry for me to meet this week’s challenge.  While I have many vibrant photos from travels, I chose this one from a recent trip to New Mexico.  It was a simple winter photo of a single tree against the New Mexico sunset sky.  I really liked the colors and the semi-silhouette as it was getting dark.  I also liked the horizontal lines of the horizon and the railway against the kind of “starburst” of the tree.  I added a little texture to complete the picture with this result….hope you enjoy.

Railroad Tree at Sunset

Railroad Tree at Sunset

Off to the Races…..

Sandhill Reflections

Splash and Dash

A “flight” of sandhill cranes take off from the Bosque Del Apache in New Mexico.  It was a beautiful still morning and the Sandhills were taking off in small groups like this one.  The view across the still pond added to the scene.

This is also a good place to note that we are also taking off on another adventure.  More to come….

Holiday Squabble?

Maybe even Wood ducks get testy with the holidays……  I took this a couple of weeks ago in the Rio Grande Nature Center in Albuquerque.  I wonder if they are arguing about the typical dysfunctional family issues??

" I told you not to invite unc;e Charlie"!

” I told you not to invite uncle Charlie”!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Yellow #2 – Sandhill Sky

This is my second response to this week’s challenge”Yellow.”  I took this photo two weeks ago at the Bosque Del Apache, in New Mexico.  This time of year, thousands of Sandhill Cranes migrate to the area for the winter.  They take off from the ponds each morning to dine in the neighboring fields but every night at sunset they return to the ponds for the evening.  This is a typical sight that you see as the sandhills return against the colorful NM sky.

Sandhill Sky


No – not a snow storm.  This is a photo of the 30-40,000 snow geese taking off together at the Bosque Del Apache in New Mexico.  While the sight is amazing in itself (the entire sky is blotted out just after dawn), the sound is just as impressive.  The beating of the wings and the honking sound immediately like a jet engine roar!  A great way to spend a morning.  The other things that strike you are that there is no warning to the launch, you can’t see any collisions, and when you look back at the pond after the launch there is not a single snow goose still on the ground – Just a bunch (again in the thousands) of sandhill cranes standing around with a dazed look wondering what just happened.

Formation flying at its best!

Formation flying at its best!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreamy

I was out and about yesterday and didn’t get a chance to look at this week’s challenge.  When I saw it this morning, it just so happens I was “playing” with an image that I think might fit the description.  I made my reservations earlier this week to return to the Bosque Del Apache in New Mexico for the annual migration gathering of thousands of snow geese and sandhill cranes.  I decided to go back and look at some of my images from two years ago to see how I might interpret them differently now.  This image was nice but it was kind of cluttered with lots of detail in the background distracting from the Cranes and the patterns in the water.  I decided to simplify the photo into a more painterly type image and see what that might look like.  As it turns out, this version of the image brings me back to a quiet, graceful and dreamy place….. hope it does for you also.

Dreamy Dance

Dreamy Dance

Weekly Photo Challenge: Let there be light! (2)

I couldn’t let this challenge go by with only an artificial light example.  This one is all about the best light source we all use – always changing, always challenging, and always creating interest – the sun.  It also highlights the golden hour surrounding sunset – in this case at the Bosque Del Apache in New Mexico.  Since my previous post for this challenge featured a silhouette, I thought I’d use another silhouette, this time a Sandhill Crane coming in for a landing, against the sunset sky.  I think this photo also goes well with Thanksgiving – how can you not be thankful to see something like this?

Sunset Lights for Landing

Sunset Lights for Landing

Weekly Photo Challenge: Golden Hour

Great topic with many wonderful opportunities.  Here’s a couple from the Bosque Del Apache in New Mexico last December.  All of these are Sandhill Cranes during their winter stay in the south.  All three of these are at different stages of the Golden Hour.  The first is just when the sun is slightly above the horizon, lighting the crane but not the surrounding hills.


Landing lights on….

The next was taken about 20 minutes later – Sandhills on the pond as the magnificent New Mexico sun slips behind the mountains and paints the sky….

The cranes seem to enjoy the New Mexico sunset also!

The cranes seem to enjoy the New Mexico sunset also!

The last photo was taken almost immediately after the previous one.  One of the final Sandhills coming in during the last light of the golden hour.

Last light landing

Last light landing



Weekly Photo Challenge: Nostalgia

One of my favorite nostalgic places is an old gas station, surrounded and filled inside with antiques, between Santa Fe and Taos New Mexico.  I’m sorry but I don’t remember the name of the little village where the station is located but it is definitely worth a stop if you are passing through.  The owner and proprietor is also extremely friendly and a wealth of information about the local area and its history.  I’ve included two shots here that might stir a few memories of years gone by.  The first one goes back to the days of wagon wheels and the old west….

Wagon Wheels

Wagon Wheels

If that photo brings back memories, you might also want to go see the new “Lone Ranger” movie – I saw it earlier this week and, despite the mixed reviews, it is very enjoyable.  The second photo was taken inside the station and shows the great collection of old gas pump signs/lights as well as many other artifacts of the early days of automobile travel.  Hope these shots bring back happy memories and thoughts….

How many of these did you or your parents visit?

How many of these did you or your parents visit?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Patterns

As a photographer who is always interested in nature first, I immediately started thinking about natural patterns which led me to formation flying in geese and this photo taken at the Bosque Del Apache in New Mexico last December.

Nice Pattern - ready for landing

Nice Pattern – ready for landing

But then I thought about what it would look like with this pattern repeated over and over – so, given the magic of photoshop, I made lots of copies of the birds and put them all in formation – a different “pattern”.  That looked pretty good but then I tried it in B&W and I liked that better……I hope you like my final Pattern.

Snow Geese - Yikes!

Snow Geese – Yikes!