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Weekly Photo Challenge: Hands

Well this week was definitely a challenge – and one that I could not think of an appropriate picture for!  Not to be discouraged, I dashed out to the zoo and managed to take many “hands”.  I had great fun doing this one – hope you enjoy!

Just Hands (4)

There is no reason to have just two hands – many of the zoo creatures get great use of four.

Hind Hands

Some of them make better use of their rear “hands” than we do with ours.

Feeding Hands

Hands are the ultimate eating utensil.

Scratching Hands

Hands (even rear ones) are great for scratching.

Resting Hands

Sometimes your hands are so busy, you’ve just got to rest them – and you might as well join them!

Pensive Hands

Hands help you think!  Like the chin scratch, the head scratch, or the essential wringing of the hands – we couldn’t make decisions without them.

Hanging Hands

Like wringing, hanging also helps you loosen up.

Captive Hands

Every once in a while you take a picture – like for this challenge, and it touches you in a way you did not anticipate.  This photo did that for me – I love zoos but am always conflicted with the animals in captivity.  This photo certainly caught that dichotomy for me……

Hands like ours

Hopefully not to end on a “downer” this photo of our closest relative in the animal kingdom reminded me of the things we share with them.

Helping Hands

And to ensure we end with a cliche, Mom’s helping hands are some of the most valuable hands around…