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Weekly Photo Challenge: Hope (#2)

Most of the time I’m not lucky enough to capture something that fits the challenge on the day it comes out.  In this case, I’m only one day late with an additional entry but I thought it fit so well I had to post it.  I decided to go for an early morning walk down by our local dog beach.  Its also a bird sanitary so there is normally a lot to photograph there.  On the return leg of the walk there are always hundreds of dogs out running around so you have lots of “models” doing their own thing to work with.  I caught these two in the water after one had retrieved the ball.  The left dog has GOT to be thinking “come on now – share with your sister”.  The right dog is just hoping that “sis” would go away….  As always click twice on the pic to get a closer look at the staring contest.

Come on!!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Hope

This might be a stretch for this subject but I think the following photo represents hope in at least three ways:

  • The hope that the Leopard is showing that he can find some prey
  • The hope that we humans can take the actions needed to keep these magnificent animals alive and thriving in their natural environments, and
  • The hope that I can continue to have the extraordinary luck and opportunity to “capture” these animals and share them with you.

While the third hope is pretty selfish and minor in the great scheme of things, I hope that in some small way, we photographers can help inspire people to prioritize the preservation of these animals, and nature in general, for our future generations.  Have a great weekend everyone!

Hope for the future - short and long term?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Simple

I had to think a little about this one.  Started looking around the house for something simple and then went into my archives and started thinking about simpler lives as we have seen in places like Peru.  In the end I chose this photo from Peru (from Agua Caliente – Just outside of Machu Picchu) – but more for the simple subject matter than anything else.  I had completely forgotten about some of these old photos so thanks a million to the photo challenge!!

Simplicity in Pink

Weekly Photo Challenge: Peaceful

I knew that I had some photos from the last few days in Jackson Hole that would fit this challenge nicely.  This photo is a male Big Horn Sheep taken in the National Elk Refuge late in the afternoon.  He was just sort of snoozing and watching over his “flock” and not paying much attention to us pesky onlookers…

If that look doesn’t express peaceful, I don’t know what does.

Late Afternoon Sun Bath

Weekly Photo Challenge: Launch

I saw earlier this week that we were going to get some big waves on the coast here in San Diego.  I went down this morning and took some surf shots – the waves were probably 10-12 feet high and packed with plenty of power!  I think this photo shows that power.  These two young guys were watching the show from one of the cliffs probably 20-25 ft above the water.  This shows the plume that was “launched” as one of the waves came crashing into the cliffs – pretty impressive.

Water Canon?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Winter

Living in San Diego, we’re a little “challenged” for winter photos so I had to dig into the archives to find some from last year’s ski trips.  This first one was taken near Lake Tahoe.  We were driving to a ski area when I noticed a coyote in a field.  With my current fixation on wildlife photos, this one says winter to me….

Winter morning rest stop

But then again, as a skier, I had to include one other photo taken at the Solitude Ski area in Utah.  It tries to capture the skier’s dream of being able to cut that first set of tracks in the deep powder on a crystal clear winter morning run.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Between

In keeping with my current Africa theme, I thought this one fit pretty well for two interpretations.  The fact that youngsters are always trying to get between objects – in this case the baby was running in between Mom’s legs.  And more importantly, the bond between Mothers and Children – no matter what the species.  Have a tremendous Holiday everyone!!

Between a mother and child

Weekly Photo Challenge: Self Portrait

I apologize for another quick post but I remembered that I might have another, more recent reflection self portrait.  This was my first attempt at photographing the Christmas window at Bergdorf Goodman in New York City last week.  Its interesting, at least to me, that I showed up in the dark shade of the photographer’s hood in the window scene.  Yep – that’s me in the pink baseball hat – just above my watermark.  Sorry for the second post….

Another Reflection Picture? Get a new idea!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Self Portrait

This isn’t very original but its really the only one I have… a Llama’s eye.

Who is that behind that Nikon?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Waiting

I got a peek at what the weekly challenge was before we left this morning for Robben Island where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for 18 years.  I didn’t know what I would see that said waiting to me until just before we left the island to return to Cape Town.  This photo is of a young black male about to “wait” to get back on the ferry boat.  More importantly, the photo in the background is of a group of political prisoners “waiting” to be ushered into their new home.  The juxtaposition of the freedoms that the young man of today enjoys against the price of freedom that the prisoners paid jumped out at me.  The young man might still be “waiting” if they hadn’t made that tremendous sacrifice for what they believed in.

Freedoms enjoyed - and paid for