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7lbs of Security….

I’ll “go with the flow” for this week’s challenge.  This is the latest addition to our home defence force, Cady.  She is a rescue that is combat equipped with a bark that would scare off any approaching foe (or at least ones smaller than a young bunny), she comes with a face that is more “hi” than “get the heck out”, and she is more likely to bite her “sister” (our equally vicious 14lb schipperke) than any intruder.  Other than that, she is the best security system you can buy (and continue to feed).  Let this vision speak for itself…”Beware of (Sleepy) dog!!”

“Dont’t tread on me (and don’t roll over during the middle of the night….)”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadow

I chose a local photo from our neighbourhood for this week’s challenge shadow.  I took this about a month ago when my wife pointed out this kitten sitting on a doorstep across the street.  I thought the very prominent shadow being cast against the bright wall made for an interesting photo – I’ll let you be the judge….

A mere shadow of itself.....

A mere shadow of itself…..


Weekly Photo Challenge: Ambiance

To me there is no better example of ambiance than a sunset – especially along the coast or up in the mountains somewhere.  Combined with reflections off the water (in this case, a very low tide) there is nothing better to set a beautiful and colorful mood.  This photo is taken of the crystal pier in Pacific Beach just as the sun sets right on the horizon.  Hope you enjoy the calm and peaceful feeling of this photo on a sure to be tumultuous week…..

Breath in and smell the salt water.....

Breath in and smell the salt water…..


Both summer and the crowds that it brings…..




Didn’t have a camera with me this morning at the beach in San Diego…..remembered I had my I-phone to capture the deserted beach walkway.

Thanksgiving for Dog Lovers

We’ve had a tradition for several years now to walk with the Fathers Joe’s charity walk here in San Diego.  Its a nice walk through Balboa Park and our local neighborhood so its easy and always fun.

We head to the start line....

We head to the start line….

The whole local community turns out to support the run.  I liked this scene as it spoke to me about the America that I know – not the one we heard so much about during the election…..

Donald never met these folks

Donald never met these folks

The highlight for me every year is not the exercise or the uniformly beautiful mornings we always seem to have – it is the dogs that are out walking their people.  They are large….


Big boy

and they are small…..

Chihuahua parade

Chihuahua parade

They are all colors …..

and even black and white...

and even black and white…

Some were in costume

feathered friend

feathered friend

or just dressed up for the occasion.

thanksgiving colors

thanksgiving colors

Some helped pull their people along…..


stroller puller

while others joined their people for a ride.

Canine company

Canine company

Some of them mugged for the camera and the paparazzi ……

aren't I pretty?

aren’t I pretty?

While other pets just watched the procession go by from their royal perches….

how "common" they all look.....

how “common” they all look…..

In any case, it is always a great way to start the holiday.  I hope that your turkey day was great and that you enjoy the rest of the season.

Gotta go.....!

Gotta go…..!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Tiny

I took a photo earlier this week that fits the challenge “Tiny” perfectly.  While leaving the house I noticed some hummingbirds feeding on a bird of paradise next to my front porch.  I quickly got my camera and got a few decent shots of this tiny, agile flyer.  The colors of the hummer and the bird of paradise blended pretty nicely…..

Life goes on......I hope.

Discover Challenge: Here and Now

I went on the Daily Post looking for the photo challenge but there didn’t appear to be one – instead it featured a challenge for “here and now”.  Since I had just returned from La Jolla Cove where I was trying out a new camera I thought I’d post some photos of that particular here and now (from a couple of hours ago).   I went to the cove with the intention of catching birds in flight but there wasn’t much going on so I just took what interested me.  Here are some of the here and now photos ….that I took…..then.


The sun was out at first but there wasn’t much moving  so I walked over to where the sea lions normally bask by the water and found this little guy enjoying the sun and the surf.



When the sun was still low in the sky  there were numerous cormorants nesting in a tree above the cove.  I managed to catch this silhouette of one of them coming in to its perch.



The light got pretty flat after a while and there still wasn’t much flying so I caught this shot of the cormorants also enjoying the crashing surf.  As here and nows go, this was a pretty nice one.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves

Curves are everywhere so I thought I’d choose some that are hard to see with the naked eye and are better captured with a photograph.  While we can all see the patterns that moving lights make at night, our eyes are much too quick to trace those patterns across time – the camera can do a much better job of that using slow shutter speeds to record the movements.  This is a local picture of an intersection in the Hillcrest area of San Diego.  The long exposures turned the lights into beautiful, flowing curves – making a mundane photo into a light painting with interest.  Hope you enjoy…..

Night Moves....

Night Moves….

Weekly Photo Challenge: Jubilant

Its easy to think of Jubilant as a uniquely human feeling or emotion.  In doing a quick scan through some old photos I quickly found some other images that I think capture the spirit of Jubilation through another species that we are all familiar with – our own canine companions.  Who can dispute that a dog chasing a ball in the surf at the beach is feeling that joy and exhilaration – especially with their human friends engaged by their sides……

Jubilant chase

Jubilant chase

Weekly Photo Challenge: Earth

When I think of the Earth, I immediately think of the myriads of living creatures that depend on what it provides.  With that in mind I stopped by a local lake to see if I could capture a couple of quick images to remind us of those inhabitants.  I think they are also a reminder that all those other creatures have no ability to change how we treat Mother Earth – only we humans have that ability/responsibility.

Get your act together!!

Get your act together!!

I imagine this “other mother” chiding us all to protect our earth for the sake of her (and our) children.

Get close to it!!

Get close to it!!

I imagine these little guys telling us to take the time to get close to the earth and understand what we are doing to it.  It is the most important factor in all of our lives and we treat it like a given vs the gift that it is…..

Gloomy Morning

It was a foggy morning along the San Diego coast so I thought I’d try to catch the mood before the fog lifted.  Even though I got a late start I was able to catch the last of the gloom before it lifted.  I decided to keep with the gloomy theme and made the photo B&W.  I added a little texture also to try to make it more “artsy”.  Hope your day is brighter than this photo!

Fading into the gloom

Fading into the gloom


Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

If there were no “Change” there would be a lot of bored photographers out there.  Much of photography is catching those moments of change whether it be in a person’s action, or the state of the environment.  I’ll use one of the most common changes that photographers focus on – the golden hour between the day and the night.  When the sunlight is low in the sky, when the clouds are highlighted, and when everything seems just a little more clear and focused.  This photo I call “time to head home” with surfers transitioning to a new part of their day as the sunset starts the change into night.

Time to Head Home

Time to Head Home


Weekly Photo Challenge: Creepy

Living in San Diego, I try to get down to Comic-Con for at least one day to see what kind of lunacy is going on there.  This year, my wife and our next door neighbors came with me to take in the unusual sights.  As we were walking down the main area of town where all the costumed characters roam, this “little piggy” jumped out and approached my wife.  By the look on her face, you can see why this guy deserves to be the subject of “Creepy” ….

Creepy....and creeped out!!

Creepy….and creeped out!!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Beneath Your Feet

I had to think a while about “Beneath Your Feet” before I came up with a photo that kinda met the challenge.  I finally remembered this photo I took a couple of years ago at a local beach.  In surfing, it is VERY important to keep something beneath your feet.  Unfortunately, this poor guy was unable to do that and ended up with only air beneath his feet while the rest of him was beneath the wave.  I titled this one “the Agony of De-Feet” in honor of the famous lead in to the old sports show, the Wide World of Sports.

Loss of footing....

Loss of footing….

An American Fourth….

Yesterday, we had what might be considered an ideal fourth of July.  Up at the crack of dawn to walk the dogs, then off to the golf course with our neighbors and best friends.  After a delightful but badly played round, we stopped at a local restaurant to have a late breakfast and chill for a bit.  We were served by a cheerful and friendly waiter of hispanic descent.  When we asked what he was doing later to celebrate the 4th, he matter of factly told us he was going to his second job before returning to his family in the late evening.  We left the restaurant feeling how lucky we were but also cheered by this man’s heart.  After a visit with the dogs, we went to see the creative and thought provoking animated film “Inside Out” about how your mind works and the joys and tribulations of youth – if you haven’t seen it, I would certainly recommend it!  We decided to walk to downtown San Diego for the fireworks display since we hadn’t done that in many years.  After a quick stop at an Argentinian restaurant with good food and a wonderful solo guitar player, we continued to the waterfront.  There we joined thousands of fellow celebrators from every race, nationality, and background to enjoy our national independence holiday ritual.  We ended up talking to a nice young oriental couple who were also there to take some fireworks photos.  We then enjoyed the walk back home with a cheerful crowd and an end to a very nice day!

This entire day was a great reminder of what is best in America.  We have all come from somewhere, in pursuit of the same dreams and aspirations, and just wanting that illusive “dream”.  It was a great reminder that in this country of immigrants, people like Donald Trump have gotten it woefully and shamefully wrong.

Happy Fourth to Everyone!

Happy Fourth to Everyone!

San Diego Night Bike

This was my first opportunity to try out a new camera at night.  This is a long exposure taken of the San Diego skyline from the island of Coronado.  I liked the lamp lights, the deserted walkway, and the lone bicycle to give the city some scale and context in the foreground.

Lonely Bike

Lonely Bike

Happy Holidays!!

Just a quick post to wish you and yours a wonderful holiday season.  We don’t get any snow around here so we have to “settle” for the scenes of holiday (and natural) lights at the Beach….

...and to all a good night....

…and to all a good night….

Morning Walk – with an iPhone

Took a walk down at the beach between rain storms this morning.  I decided not to take a camera but I had my iPhone with me.  As usual, I saw some things that I thought would be decent pictures so I took them with my phone.  After looking at them on the computer and doing a little processing, here are my beach pics for the morning.

Reflections after the rain

Reflections after the rain

The first was pretty simple, just a photo highlighting the lamp posts reflected in the puddles of the boardwalk.  I simplified the details a little and I think it shows a nice impromptu scene at a pretty much deserted beach….

The second is just a quick pic of a bright orange bicycle against the backdrop of the boardwalk and the pacific beach pier.  I used a little HDR processing to bring up the details then toned down the saturation to come up with the final kinda post-cardish picture.  Hope you enjoy – it was a nice walk that unintentionally ended up with some photos…..

Beach Bike

Beach Bike

San Diego Turkey

I didn’t really have anything appropriate for thanksgiving – the only turkeys we have around here are out in the hills and you have to be lucky to see them.  I figured our pelicans were the closest thing we have locally to celebrate so here is my portrait of some “San Diego Turkeys” that I took yesterday….

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

Probably tastes like fish.....

Probably tastes like fish…..

Weekly Photo Challenge: Achievement – $ 74,880/36 year Surprise!!!

I actually wrote this post a few weeks back (when it happened) but am glad I saved it for this challenge.

“Go for it” my partner said after seeing  his tee shot fading to the right but in good position.  I figured it for about a 250 yard shot to the green at the steeply uphill 12th hole at Mt Woodson golf course in Poway, California. I’ve played this hole dozens of times but have seldom tried to drive the green.  Today was a perfect opportunity – the GPS was reading about 225 yards and there was no wind at all.  I hadn’t been playing particularly well but I knew if I took a good swing I could reach the green and give us an advantage over our opponents.  I tried to remind myself to swing smooth and then just gave it a cut.  It was one of those rare (for me anyway) swings where the ball just “clicks” off the club face and you have the wonderful sensation of watching it soar high, with just a gentle 10 yard bend to the left toward the flagstick so far away.

The shot

The shot

As we watched, we all knew it was a pretty shot but then we heard a “clang” from 225 yards away as the ball struck the flagpole.  We had no idea where the ball ended up but we were all charged up that it was such a fun shot.  As my partner and I reached the green, the other twosome had walked up the hill to see where the ball ended up.  I heard them say that there was no balls on the green, and when I got up there, none of us saw any ballmarks around the flag.   They finally looked in the hole and yelled “I don’t believe it” and I realized that 36 years of frustration had come to an end – I had finally made my elusive hole in one – on a par 4 no less!!!  A hole in one and what is known as an Albatross all in one swing of the club.  I’ve gotten close to an ace several times over the years but not so much recently.  What a great feeling – the rest of the round is kind of a fog – maybe the result of buying a few rounds of beer for the clubhouse after the round.

The Result....

The Result….

Oh yeah – I almost immediately tried to figure out how much I had spent to get to that moment.  I started playing golf 36 years ago at the age of 28.  I guess that I have averaged about 1 round a week for all those years – sometimes more, sometimes less.  I also figured that with equipment thrown in, the average round was probably around $40.  That makes an estimate of $74,880 – the cost of a lower model Porsche – and worth every penny……


Shadow Feet….

I hadn’t taken my camera out since we returned from Yellowstone so I thought I’d go to a local lake and see if I could find anything unusual flying around,  As it turns out, almost nothing was flying so I just sat there and enjoyed the morning.  After a while, this egret walked up through the water.  The light was behind him and the lake was still….and I noticed that in his shadow you could see his feet underwater while the rest of the water was opaque.  I thought it was a cool effect so I took a couple of shots like this one.

Maybe its time to have my toes done.....

Maybe its time to have my toes done…..

Fall Figure

I thought I’d post this quick interpretation of an iPhone photo I took near the beach yesterday.  OBTW – I think the new iPhone 6 camera is a nice improvement over previous versions.  We stopped from our tuesday walk for our normal morning beverage break and I noticed this “little girl” adorning one of the trees in the courtyard.  I liked the look of the shadows and the colors so I took a quick snapshot.  This morning, I was playing around with some other photos and thought I’d see what I could do with this one – hope you enjoy this fine fall morning…wherever you are….

Fall & Flowers

Fall & Flowers

Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette

I happen to still be on a European River Cruise (I’ll be posting some soon) but I wanted to post for this week’s challenge.  I haven’t taken any silhouetted pics over here yet but I did have one on my computer that I shot last week.  I call this….. Happy Wet Dog – he has his ball, the water is warm, and dad is keeping him running.  Hope  you enjoy this bad hair day silhouette!

Can't worry about my "do" - I'm Busy!!

Can’t worry about my “do” – I’m Busy!!

Ocean Beach Pier at Dusk

Just a quick post of a photo I took at Ocean Beach in San Diego.  It was a beautiful evening and I caught this shot just as the lights on the pier were coming on….

Evening Calm

Evening Calm