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Weekly Photo Challenge: Atop

Feeling lazy so I’ll take the easy way out this week and choose another photo from Edinburgh for this week’s challenge, atop.  This is a fairly regular view from “atop” one of the hills surrounding Edinburgh.  Although it is a normal view for postcards, you can understand why it is popular as it gives you a nice vantage point for the primary sights of the city.  In particular, the clocktower on the right centre of the photo is on the beautiful Balmoral Hotel, to the right of that is the Scott memorial (to Sir Walter Scott), and to the left is the Edinburgh Castle high on another hill.  I normally don’t like to take views from above cities (skyscrapers or observation towers) because they seldom provide a view into the character of the city.   I think this view is different in that it is not high enough to hide the character of the main buildings and it provides a nice overview of where everything is……

Nice view of Edinburgh’s sights

I should mention that the memorial in the foreground is to Dugald Stewart, a Scottish mathematician and philosopher of the 17 and 1800s.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Wish

I hate to climb on the church related responses to this challenge but we recently had the opportunity to do some photography in and around St. Giles cathedral in Edinburgh, Scotland.  It was a rainy couple of days so I was able to get some external and internal shots of this beautiful church which dates back to the 1100’s and was rebuilt in the late 1300s after a fire destroyed much of the original structure.  I am not normally drawn to take lots of photos of cathedrals but I found this one to be very photogenic and we also used it as a refuge to stay out of the downpour.

Rainy Conversation


I took this first photo not long after we arrived in Edinburgh.  There were actually quite a few people on the rainy streets but this long exposure “ghosted” most of them out of the picture.  Even though the photo was taken over a period of about 50 seconds, the two ladies in the foreground kept chatting for the entire time so they were captured along with the cathedral.  I liked the context they added so I didn’t reshoot the picture or try to remove them in processing……

Almost 1000 years of wishes

The next photo is of one of the main chambers of the church.  The lighting was low but dramatic and yielded just enough color to make the stone building seem warm on this stormy day.  Any time I am in a historic place of worship such as this one, I cannot help but to try and imagine the different ways the people lived during the lifetime of the building and how their hopes and dreams differed over time while at the same time remaining fairly constant in theme.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Opportunity

Had to think a little about this week’s challenge before I decided to think about golf – the game of opportunities presented and squandered.  The Opportunities for your career round, and at the same time, an opportunity to embarrass yourself in front of your friends.  Every time you pick up the clubs you have the opportunity to do something special – a hole in one, a longest drive, an eagle.  But in most cases it ends up being, as John Feinstein describes it, A Good Walk Spoiled.  The picture I have chosen is one of those walks but not one that got spoiled.  In 2005, we and our neighbors had the opportunity to visit Scotland, and we found our way to the hallowed grounds of St. Andrews old course.  We had a tee time scheduled later in the week but as we wandered by the sacred starter shack one evening about 5:30, we noticed there was no-one on the course.  We asked the starter what the story was and he reminded us that England was playing in the world cup and everyone was in the pubs watching the match – we asked if we could go out and play a round and he said be we could if we were ready to go in 15 minutes.  Although our wives opted out, my friend Mike and I ran back to the hotel, got our clubs and were able to “walk on” the most famous golf course in the world.  It was a gorgeous night, we had the course to ourselves, and for a golfer, it was a magical opportunity.  The girls came out to meet us for the finishing holes at about 9:00.  My wife actually took this shot of me hitting my seconds shot into the eighteenth hole with the famous clubhouse in the background of the left.  As luck would have it, this is one opportunity I was able to cash in on as I hit the green with this shot and was able to 2 putt for par.

Magic...pure magic