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Weekly Photo Challenge: Fun

One of the things we always look for while travelling is the amazing street art which always seems to reflect great senses of humour.  It is also great fun when you run across a seeming interaction between the art and the real life that is going on around it.  This was a scene we stumbled across while roaming the streets of Bergen, Norway.  To me it looked like the young lady on the wall was not only supervising the workers below but actually controlling them with her joystick…….Fun!

The Boss!

The Boss!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Door

For today’s challenge, “Door”, I’ll take you to the streets of Melbourne, Australia.  There is an area in downtown Melbourne where the street artists are allowed to exercise their talents and paint the walls of the streets and alleyways .  It is a beautiful collection of work, some funny, some with a message, others just attractive and interesting.  Here is a scene from one of those back streets with some of the art surrounding a door…..

Do you think she is the "watchman" for this door?

Do you think she is the “watchman” for this door?