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Weekly Photo Challenge: Depth

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Depth.”  I’m currently preparing for a scuba diving trip so I figured I’d look through some photos from my last dive trip.  I chose this photo of a squirrel fish hiding in a cave for two reasons:

1) the photo was obviously taken “at depth”, and,

2) I was able to get a feeling of the depth of this little alcove by placing my flash above the fish and letting the back of the fish fade off into the black shadows.  I think it adds to the photo by highlighting the face (expressions?) of the fish while also adding some mystery of what is lurking in the shadows behind….????

"Lurking in the depth and shadows"

“Lurking in the depth and shadows”


Weekly Photo Challenge: Warmth

I’m late again this week but finally got around to looking at this week’s challenge, “Warmth.”  Warmth always makes me think of Balmy evenings on the beach in a tropical local.  This photo is from Taveuni, Fiji on just such a night.  The storms off the coast cooperated and lit up the skies with a nice display of warm colors.


Air- 80 degrees, Water 80 degrees

Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon

Since my last post was from Fiji, I’ll stick with that location and submit this incredible Horizon looking out towards some of the other Fijian islands from Taveuni.  This storm was approaching right at sunset and was the precursor for a major storm system which stranded us on a different island later in the week and did major damage to the main island.  But this evening and this vista was nothing short of incredible.

Island Fire

Island Fire

Child’s Play

When I looked at my mail this morning there was a post from Steve McCurry’s blog called Child’s Play with some great photos.  If you haven’t seen Steve’s blog – you should.  He is an award winning photographer who always has wonderful captures of people from around the world.  I figured I would plagiarize his idea and post one of my own shots of kids being kids.  This is from Taveuni, Fiji.  These kids were have a great time jumping off the small cliffs into the crystal clear waters below.

FIJI - Taveuni

FIJI – Taveuni

Weekly photo Challenge: Inside

I always seem like if i’m inside, I’m trying to look out and see what’s there….this is a view from the inside of a Church on Taveuni Fiji looking out to where the beach, reef and scuba diving are…..


Conversely, whenever I’m outside, I’m always trying to see what is inside……this was also from Fiji just outside a marketplace



Friends and Anemones’…

Okay – I apologize for the bad pun but I couldn’t come up with a better title.  This is one of my favorite, and most surprising, photos from our Fiji trip.  I was trying to take a picture of a different species of anenome fish along with a seemingly all black (except for a single white spot) fish that seemed to swim around some of the anenomes with them.  The challenge was trying to get a good shot of both as they darted in and out of the their anenome cover.  I finally got the shot that I wanted and the surprise was that when I looked at the photo, the all black fish was suddenly much more colorful and interesting – the flash exposed much more than what we could see in person.  Not only that, both were in focus and the anenome provided a great background – a nice photo to remember a nice moment in the undersea world.

Fast friends


This is one of many different kinds of Gobies that we saw on our dives.  I really liked this very small (less than an inch) one because he was living on a shear coral wall with just his head sticking out.  Quite a cutie huh?

Wall Flower

Shy Squirrel?

Today’s subject is a squirrel fish (I think).  These guys are very shy and always seem to dart away and go into crevices and under ledges when you get too close.  This one did exactly that but then just stuck the tip of his nose back out.  I had my strobe high above the camera shining down so I was able to get a good shot of him peeking out at me from the dark.

Shot in the dark...

Hermit Crabs – Underwater and above

I’ve always thought that Hermit Crabs are fascinating creatures – living in a shell vacated by another creature and playing “hide and seek” with anything that approaches them.  I remember adopting one as a pet when I was a kid but unfortunately, it didn’t last long – I think it just wandered away one day.  While in Fiji, we saw many Hermit Crabs but most of them were on land.  I was lucky enough to spot this rather large and ornate crab walking across the ocean floor (at about 40 feet) during our night dive.  It didn’t seem to be bothered by my focus light and it just keep marching along as I was taking its picture.  I was impressed by the bright red colors of both its body and its shell as well as the kind of fuzzy, mossy kind of stuff sticking to its home.

Out for night-time stroll

During one of walks (in between the deluges) while we were on Koro Island I took this shot of one of the terrestrial crabs.  As you can see, it is much less ornate and pretty much fits it with the surrounding environment.

Walking pebble?

Tropical fish

Sorry about the generic tittle but I really don’t know what these little reef fish are.  I took the photo of this little fish (and his cohorts in the background) because they are mostly ignored by divers and photographers alike.  They are plentiful – you see them everywhere on small coral formations and there can be hundreds of them on a single coral head (they are small – less than 1/2 inch long).  I’ve always been fascinated by just sitting there and watching them dart about and seeing the “community” at work.  In any case, here’s my dive shot for the day – the generic, small, and cute reef fish….

Anonymous Swimmer

PS – If there are any divers out there that know what this fish really is, please jump in!