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Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond

I like this challenge as I am always TRYING to be aware of what is beyond my subject – either to minimize its impact or use it to accentuate the photo.  Here’s a couple of examples where I think the “beyond” is at least as important as the subject.

"Honey, I'm home"

“Honey, I’m home”

This first one was taken in the Galapagos Islands.  The focal point is the male frigate bird in the front with his red pouch all blown up to attract attention from the ladies.  The picture would not be complete without his honey in the background – can’t tell whether she is happy to see him or upset that he stopped for a few brews on the way home….

"Peek a boo"

“Peek a boo”

The next is a photo of a statue at the FDR monument in Washington DC.  Its a decent photo by itself but it wouldn’t have nearly the impact if you don’t look “beyond” to the tourist who appears to be joining the bronzed group on line …..

Multiple Bison Background

Multiple Bison Background

This last one I’ve posted before so I apologize.  I thought it was good for the challenge because it really has a couple of layers of beyond.  While the photographer was the focal point, I made sure that I had a wide enough depth of field to capture the two “beyond” elements – the reflection of the Bison in the pond and the Bison themselves.  Probably needless to say but this was in Yellowstone National Park.  Have a great weekend!



Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrast

I once again had to search a little to find a fitting photo for this week’s challenge but I think this works on a number of levels:

Contrast 1 (most important) – the contrast between the peaceful meditation in the foreground with a central theme of truthfulness, compassion, and forbearance and the toxic environment of distrust, demonization, and total lack of meaningful discourse that is currently taking place in our Congress.

Contrast 2  –  the fact that most of these meditators are immigrants in contrast to the nation’s total inability to address the immigration issue in a positive and constructive way.

Contrast 3  – the combination of old and young among the meditators. and,

Contrast 4 – the obvious photographic contrast of the stark B&W…

Definition of Contrast?

As always, I apologize if my characterization offends anyone but this political season and the rhetoric of the current campaigns is really making me wonder where we are going as a country.

A walk….and a song

Leaves are falling, just like embers….

Colors red and gold,

They set us on fire,

Just like  moonbeams,  in our eyes….

As some of you know, I also dabble in playing the acoustic guitar and I can get songs stuck in my head as I try to learn them.  As we were wandering down the Potomac on Saturday, snapping a few pictures of the fall colors – those are the words that kept flashing through my mind.  They are from a great song called “Killing the Blues” by Rowland Salley. I think he might have had something like this in mind as he wrote.

Colors Red and Gold - they set us on fire....

Just so you get the full effect of the words and the song, here’s  Shawn Colvin’s great version of the song on YouTube……she does it just a tad better than I do 🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge: Windows – Take 2

Even though I got some good comments yesterday, the topic was windowS not window – so I thought I owed another response.  I’m in the Washington DC area today and happened to bring my camera so I decided to take a walk through Georgetown with my friend Ellen.  There were lots of opportunities for this challenge but I settled in on these two.  The first is another reflection photo – if you’ve been here before you probably know that is always something I look for…..

Windows within Windows

The second one is kind of the signature building at Georgetown U.  It is kind of a traditional take on the theme but it was such a nice morning, and it is such a great building, and it has SO MANY windows – I had to use it.

Who washes all those things??

“The few, the proud…the very young”

Once again I’m back in DC  – the difference is that this week the weather has been BEAUTIFUL!  What isn’t different is the seemingly endless squabbling and rancor between “our leaders”.  It is so easy to get fed up with what is wrong back here, I thought I’d tell you all a story about what is right “out there”.  As Dee and I were flying back from Alaska, we changed planes in Seattle and were assigned to “steerage” in the back of the plane.  As we walked back, we realized we were surrounded by about 20 shave tail marine recruits heading for boot camp in San Diego.   It looked like the cast from every coming of age war movie you’ve ever seen.  From the “Joe cool” character to the overweight dweeb with coke bottle eyeglasses (the guy that it never turns out well for), they were all there.  What struck us was the incredible enthusiasm and energy they all exhibited even though they were facing what was surely to be the most challenging weeks of their young lives.  Several of them had never been on an airplane before so everything was a new experience – but despite their excitement and anticipation they remained very respectful and courteous to their fellow passengers.  You couldn’t help but get caught up in their world and try to help them understand what they were seeing out the window and what to expect in San Diego.   It also inspired me to go visit the USMC Iwo Jima Memorial tonight – one that I always find inspiring but one which I hadn’t been to in many years.

Semper Fi

You have  to wonder what further challenges these young men will face once they complete their training – undoubtedly, some if not all of them will end up in harm’s way and you pray that their training, their leaders, and the innocence of youth will see them through it.  Their optimism and patriotism were infectious to all that were around them.  If only some of our leaders could have been in  the “back of the bus” to be inspired to do their jobs as well as these young men were going to do theirs.  Ooh–RAH!!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Broken

Broken - enough said

I took this photo a while back while in DC but thought it has an appropriate photo for the 4th.  Here’s to the hope that the people in this building can remember that they are there to govern and not to maintain a continuous campaign.  Just a thought.

DC views

I apologize for those who have seen this image before but I thought I’d post some DC shots since thats where I am right now…..