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Coming Soon…..

Hi everyone!  Sorry for the long pause between posts but have been gone with very limited connectivity.  I’ll be posting again soon but for now I’ll post this quick photo of a critter from where we’ve been – any guesses as to what it is and where we are?  Hint: the pose offers a clue….

What part of the world??

What part of the world??

Off to the Races…..

Sandhill Reflections

Splash and Dash

A “flight” of sandhill cranes take off from the Bosque Del Apache in New Mexico.  It was a beautiful still morning and the Sandhills were taking off in small groups like this one.  The view across the still pond added to the scene.

This is also a good place to note that we are also taking off on another adventure.  More to come….


Weekly Photo Challenge: Depth

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Depth.”  I’m currently preparing for a scuba diving trip so I figured I’d look through some photos from my last dive trip.  I chose this photo of a squirrel fish hiding in a cave for two reasons:

1) the photo was obviously taken “at depth”, and,

2) I was able to get a feeling of the depth of this little alcove by placing my flash above the fish and letting the back of the fish fade off into the black shadows.  I think it adds to the photo by highlighting the face (expressions?) of the fish while also adding some mystery of what is lurking in the shadows behind….????

"Lurking in the depth and shadows"

“Lurking in the depth and shadows”


Weekly Photo Challenge: Express Yourself #2

I already submitted a wildlife interpretation of  “Express Yourself” but I thought I’d add another human example.  When on trips, I always enjoy taking candid photos of the people around us just going about their lives – it is a great opportunity to capture (as the TV show candid camera used to say) people in the act of being themselves.  Last summer in the main square in Heidelberg, I noticed a young girl trying to persuade her mom that she needed an ice cream.  She was using all of her charms to get that prize.  Here’s my quick shot of that young lady expressing herself.  You be the judge whether she got the ice cream…..

"Pretty Please?"

“Pretty Please?”


Weekly Photo Challenge: Express Yourself

I don’t think that humans or even dogs are the only animals that can express themselves.  We’ve seen virtually every animal we’ve visited on our trips into the wild do exactly that.  Some are looks that mimic human behavior and are therefore very popular and often published.   Probably less recognized but just as valid are looks and behaviors that capture the true “nature of the beast”.  I took this photo of an African Buffalo in Uganda last year – you can see why they are affectionately known at “mud boys” as they go about their business and “express themselves.”

Buffalo with a smile while being himself.....

Buffalo with a crooked smile while being himself…..


Weekly Photo Challenge: Serenity

I immediately thought of our visit with the mountain gorillas in Rwanda when I saw this week’s challenge, “Serenity.”  Serene is the first word that always comes to mind when I think of that visit to these incredible and gentle animals.  It was a rare privilege indeed to be able to spend an hour with this family as they went about their normal routine….

Serene moment with mom...

Serene moment with mom…


Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadowed

Here’s my photo for this week’s challenge: “Shadowed.”  This cheetah was examining a tree in the Serengeti and it cast just enough shadows to make this a dramatic photo which highlighted the incredible eyes of this svelte predator.  Of all the cheetah photos we took during our trip a year ago, this may be my favorite……

Cheet'in Eyes

Cheet’in Eyes


Weekly Photo Challenge: Warmth

I’m late again this week but finally got around to looking at this week’s challenge, “Warmth.”  Warmth always makes me think of Balmy evenings on the beach in a tropical local.  This photo is from Taveuni, Fiji on just such a night.  The storms off the coast cooperated and lit up the skies with a nice display of warm colors.


Air- 80 degrees, Water 80 degrees

Happy Holidays!!

Just a quick post to wish you and yours a wonderful holiday season.  We don’t get any snow around here so we have to “settle” for the scenes of holiday (and natural) lights at the Beach….

...and to all a good night....

…and to all a good night….

Holiday Squabble?

Maybe even Wood ducks get testy with the holidays……  I took this a couple of weeks ago in the Rio Grande Nature Center in Albuquerque.  I wonder if they are arguing about the typical dysfunctional family issues??

" I told you not to invite unc;e Charlie"!

” I told you not to invite uncle Charlie”!


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