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  • Loss of footing....
  • Inspiration - but for how long??
  • Thank god we didn't smell like gazelles......
  • half light or half dark?
  • Also seen on Qantas airliners.....
  • Happy Fourth to Everyone!
  • Do you think she is the "watchman" for this door?
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Photo Challenge: Today was a good day

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge, “Today Was a Good Day” I chose to show the end of the day.  A week or so ago, we took a short (1 and a half hour) trip out to the Anza Borrego State Park for a one night mini vacation.  We stayed at the beautiful Casa Del Zorro in Borrego Springs but we spent most of the evening out in the desert to take photos of the sunset and then the Milky Way.  Here are a couple of shots from that trip.

First "star" of the evening

First “star” of the evening

We drove out to a deserted area of the desert and never saw another person.  This was a nice little canyon to watch the sun fall below the mountains and create this nice sun star over the cactus.

Cactus Star

Cactus Star

Another angle at sunset highlighting the local fauna.

Ocatillo Milky Way

Ocatillo Milky Way

And finally, the main event – the incredible views of the Milky Way over the desert.  This was actually taken about midnight – the end of a very nice evening and day.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Creepy

Living in San Diego, I try to get down to Comic-Con for at least one day to see what kind of lunacy is going on there.  This year, my wife and our next door neighbors came with me to take in the unusual sights.  As we were walking down the main area of town where all the costumed characters roam, this “little piggy” jumped out and approached my wife.  By the look on her face, you can see why this guy deserves to be the subject of “Creepy” ….

Creepy....and creeped out!!

Creepy….and creeped out!!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Beneath Your Feet

I had to think a while about “Beneath Your Feet” before I came up with a photo that kinda met the challenge.  I finally remembered this photo I took a couple of years ago at a local beach.  In surfing, it is VERY important to keep something beneath your feet.  Unfortunately, this poor guy was unable to do that and ended up with only air beneath his feet while the rest of him was beneath the wave.  I titled this one “the Agony of De-Feet” in honor of the famous lead in to the old sports show, the Wide World of Sports.

Loss of footing....

Loss of footing….


Weekly Photo Challenge: Inspiration

There are many things that inspire me to take photographs – a dramatic sunset, a beautiful landscape, an iconic view of the world, an infectious smile, or just a scene of everyday life which captures the feelings of the moment.  With all of that being said, the single reason that I got back into photography was to be able to capture nature at its best – through the amazing wildlife that we are privileged to share this planet with.  On this week when there has been an overwhelming outcry against the senseless killing of Cecil the Lion, there was only one choice for this week’s challenge, “Inspiration.”

I’ll add my voice to those that are appalled by this act.  While there are certainly greater evils in this world (poverty, hate, oppression, and many more), the killing of this noble beast (and the countless other killings of endangered animals in the name of “sport” or commerce) is a very poor reflection on our society.  How can one look at a creature like this Lion from Tanzania and not worry that there are supposedly civilized human beings out there that could willfully  deprive future generations from this incredible source of Inspiration and awe.

Inspiration - but for how long??

Inspiration – but for how long??


Weekly Photo Challenge: Close-up

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Close Up”, I decided to go back to a close encounter from Africa.  This little cat (full grown female Cheetah) is staring down at us through the top window of our safari vehicle.  I had my smallest lens on and it was still almost too close to focus.  She was a perfect companion and made no threatening gestures at all as she spent about 10 minutes on our roof surveying the countryside for prey……

Thank god we didn't smell like gazelles......

Thank god we didn’t smell like gazelles……


Weekly Photo Challenge: Half and Half

Here’s my entry to this week’s challenge “Half and Half.”  I took this photo last week at the San Diego Zoo.  I was there late in the afternoon hoping to get a photo of a young jaguar cub with some dramatic lighting and shadows.  The photo that I liked was one in which the cub is partially in the sun with the background in shadows.  It turned out that there is close to equal parts light and dark – half and half kitty……

half light or half dark?

half light or half dark?


Weekly Photo Challenge: Symbol

I’m a little late in getting my challenge response in this week to “Symbol”.  I chose the well known national animal and icon for Australia – the Kangaroo.  When we went there, one of my first goals was to find a kangaroo that I could photograph.  This “Roo” was near the town of Cairns, one of the gateways to the Great Barrier Reef.  I actually took this photo in someone’s back yard as this mom and offspring were grazing.  One glance at this iconic creature and you already know what country you’re in – a symbol through and through…..

Also seen on Qantas airliners.....

Also seen on Qantas airliners…..

An American Fourth….

Yesterday, we had what might be considered an ideal fourth of July.  Up at the crack of dawn to walk the dogs, then off to the golf course with our neighbors and best friends.  After a delightful but badly played round, we stopped at a local restaurant to have a late breakfast and chill for a bit.  We were served by a cheerful and friendly waiter of hispanic descent.  When we asked what he was doing later to celebrate the 4th, he matter of factly told us he was going to his second job before returning to his family in the late evening.  We left the restaurant feeling how lucky we were but also cheered by this man’s heart.  After a visit with the dogs, we went to see the creative and thought provoking animated film “Inside Out” about how your mind works and the joys and tribulations of youth – if you haven’t seen it, I would certainly recommend it!  We decided to walk to downtown San Diego for the fireworks display since we hadn’t done that in many years.  After a quick stop at an Argentinian restaurant with good food and a wonderful solo guitar player, we continued to the waterfront.  There we joined thousands of fellow celebrators from every race, nationality, and background to enjoy our national independence holiday ritual.  We ended up talking to a nice young oriental couple who were also there to take some fireworks photos.  We then enjoyed the walk back home with a cheerful crowd and an end to a very nice day!

This entire day was a great reminder of what is best in America.  We have all come from somewhere, in pursuit of the same dreams and aspirations, and just wanting that illusive “dream”.  It was a great reminder that in this country of immigrants, people like Donald Trump have gotten it woefully and shamefully wrong.

Happy Fourth to Everyone!

Happy Fourth to Everyone!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Door

For today’s challenge, “Door”, I’ll take you to the streets of Melbourne, Australia.  There is an area in downtown Melbourne where the street artists are allowed to exercise their talents and paint the walls of the streets and alleyways .  It is a beautiful collection of work, some funny, some with a message, others just attractive and interesting.  Here is a scene from one of those back streets with some of the art surrounding a door…..

Do you think she is the "watchman" for this door?

Do you think she is the “watchman” for this door?


Weekly Photo Challenge: “Roy G. Biv” (All the colors of the rainbow

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge “ROY G. BIV”, I took this photo yesterday as we were flying into Anchorage Alaska.  We were approaching the landing and flying low over a series of ponds and creeks with the sun coming directly across the water.  Between the water’s reflections and the polarizer on my lens, it produced these beautiful effects on the water – a nice fit for this week’s challenge.

Rainbow Ponds

Rainbow Ponds


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