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Weekly Photo Challenge: Life Imitates Art

I’m not sure which one imitates what but I chose a photo that I recently re-processed as an oil painting (as a candidate to find a place of honor on a friend’s wall).  The photo was taken in Cinque Terre, Italy a few years ago.  It was a day in between storms which washed away several of the beautiful hiking paths in and around these picturesque little villages.  The pastel tones of the village, the dark skies of the storm, and the crashing surf all made this scene as “pretty as a picture”…….so I tried to make it look like a painted one…..



Weekly Photo Challenge: Vibrant

This is a little different entry for me to meet this week’s challenge.  While I have many vibrant photos from travels, I chose this one from a recent trip to New Mexico.  It was a simple winter photo of a single tree against the New Mexico sunset sky.  I really liked the colors and the semi-silhouette as it was getting dark.  I also liked the horizontal lines of the horizon and the railway against the kind of “starburst” of the tree.  I added a little texture to complete the picture with this result….hope you enjoy.

Railroad Tree at Sunset

Railroad Tree at Sunset

Lens Test – Flamingo

We’re getting ready for another trip and I bought a new Fuji 90mm f2 lens for the occasion.  I wanted a portrait lens with just a little “reach” so I’ll be able to use it with the snow monkeys in Japan.  This lens has received great reviews so I had to try it.  Living only a mile or so from the San Diego Zoo has its advantages so I went over last night to take a couple of quick photos to play with the lens.    The flamingos are one of the first things you see in the zoo so I used them as my test.

Colorful Test subject

Colorful Test subject

Weekly Photo Challenge: Optimistic

I always look forward to my next photo trip – new places, new people, new experiences and of course, new challenges.  I always try to envision what the photographic opportunities will be and how I will capture the shots that I want.  One of the things I always use are images that I’ve done in the past that I’ve been happy with.  I try to build upon that experience and formulate a plan to get even better material this time around.  That process builds the anticipation for a great time to come.  We are currently preparing for a winter trip to Japan to photograph the famed snow monkeys near Nagano (among other things).  While the environment will be much different than my previous opportunities to capture monkey images, I’ve been reviewing past photos to inspire me for this particular trip.  In particular, I’ve gone back to our India trip and looked through MANY photos to pick my favorites and to see what I like about them.  A great example is this photo from the “Monkey Temple”, Swayambhunath, near Katmandu.  It was taken in the afternoon so the light was getting good, this particular Macaque was playing amongst the idols, and I took numerous photos to get one that I really liked.

Monkey Gods?

Monkey Gods?

This has turned out to be one of favorite photos from that incredible trip to India and Nepal (to the extent that I have a large print of it hanging in my house).  When I look at it, it invokes the place and time, the spiritual element of the idols, and the amazing gaze of the Macaque – almost like he is meditating or talking to his own spirits.  If I can duplicate those type of feelings/thoughts with the adorable snow monkeys in Japan it will be a great trip!  Hows that for optimism??

Weekly Photo Challenge: Alphabet

I had to think a little before choosing a photo for this week’s challenge.  I finally remembered a huge, person shaped sculpture at a little harbor along the French Riviera in the little town of Antibes.  The piece was made up of the letters of the Alphabet in random order and surrounded by open air.  It was big enough to take photos from the inside – this one is looking out back towards the harbor.

Flying letters

Flying letters

This is a photo of the statue from the outside…..

"Man of Letters"

“Man of Letters”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Weightless

Normally when we think of animals that defy the laws of gravity, we think of birds.  While I’ve got lots of bird photos that would fit this challenge, I decided to post this photo I took today in getting ready for an upcoming trip.  This little guy may not be able to fly, but the way he was running around on the branches of this tree (obviously during his lunch break), he sure seemed weightless to me……


Teetering on the edge

Weekly Photo Challenge: Gathering

Every year a gathering takes place in the Bosque Del Apache in New Mexico.  Thousands of Sandhill Cranes and Snow Geese migrate to the ponds and fields of the wildlife refuge to enjoy the winter.  Every morning there is a repeating ritual where the geese and then the cranes take off from the ponds and head for the fields to graze.  In the evening, they return to the ponds for protection from the predators such as coyotes.  This early morning photo shows the geese taking off in the background as the cranes huddle, watch and await their turn to launch.  Its a spectacular sight that is well worth the trip to witness….OBTW – there is also a “gathering ” of avid photographers close by to document the daily movements of the birds.23295289570_411cadcaf9_k

Weekly Photo Challenge: Transition

I’ll stick with the idea of autumn as a transition as we just got back from NYC and happen to have a few photos of the fall color.  We don’t really get much of seasonal changes here in San Diego.  Even though the temperatures will change, the range always stays pretty comfortable.  We spent a week in NYC and it ranged from the 60’s all the way into the 30’s which is frigid to us SOCAL folks.  We really enjoyed the chill in the air as we wandered all over the city and went to a number of Broadway plays.  One of my favorite city places is always Central Park and at this time of year the leaves are changing and the whole park is lit with brilliant yellows, oranges and red.  I took this photo early on one of those crystal clear mornings that provided lots of color and contrasting shadows for everyone to enjoy……Central Park Horse Carriage-1


Take a Breath…

With the terrible acts of last week and the continuing turmoil of loss, fear, anger and other emotions that are being felt around the world, I thought I’d post a calmer, gentler view of our world.  I took this photo a few weeks ago looking out across Death Valley towards the Panamint Range of mountains in Nevada.  Panamint Valley Panorama-1

I had the great pleasure of sharing a day taking photos with a Scot, an Englishman, and an Aussie in this desolate but beautiful and quiet part of the country.  I was looking at this photo this morning, and remembering that moment had a peaceful effect on me that I wish could be shared among those who have suffered loss or are just anguished at the terrible events in Paris.  I also wish that such a scene would remind people to take a breath and think before reacting (or over-reacting) to those events.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Victory

I’ll post a rather small “Victory” for this week’s challenge.  We were in Kauai, Hawaii a couple of weeks ago in a house right on the beach with beautiful breaking waves.  I have always been enamored by the ocean and can sit for hours just watching the ever changing views of the surf.  What I have never done is try to capture a decent picture of the surf as kind of a stop action landscape.  I took many photos that week trying to get something that expressed the beauty and the power of the crashing water.  I kind of like this this one as I can almost hear the sound and smell the salt spray – I hope you enjoy it also.

Surfs up!!

Surfs up!!


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