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Both summer and the crowds that it brings…..




Didn’t have a camera with me this morning at the beach in San Diego…..remembered I had my I-phone to capture the deserted beach walkway.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Relax

When I saw the subject of this week’s challenge, I thought of many photos but ended up choosing this one from a 2012 trip to Alaska.  We had just landed and set up camp for a week with the Brown Bears in the Katmai.  We took a short walk from our camp and watched as some of the bears grazed in the field.  We eventually followed this bear as he made his way to the stream, plopped down, and immediately dozed off.  He didn’t seem to mind at all that the 5 of us were nearby clicking away with our cameras – He was much too relaxed to care…

let sleeping bears lie....

let sleeping bears lie….

Thanksgiving for Dog Lovers

We’ve had a tradition for several years now to walk with the Fathers Joe’s charity walk here in San Diego.  Its a nice walk through Balboa Park and our local neighborhood so its easy and always fun.

We head to the start line....

We head to the start line….

The whole local community turns out to support the run.  I liked this scene as it spoke to me about the America that I know – not the one we heard so much about during the election…..

Donald never met these folks

Donald never met these folks

The highlight for me every year is not the exercise or the uniformly beautiful mornings we always seem to have – it is the dogs that are out walking their people.  They are large….


Big boy

and they are small…..

Chihuahua parade

Chihuahua parade

They are all colors …..

and even black and white...

and even black and white…

Some were in costume

feathered friend

feathered friend

or just dressed up for the occasion.

thanksgiving colors

thanksgiving colors

Some helped pull their people along…..


stroller puller

while others joined their people for a ride.

Canine company

Canine company

Some of them mugged for the camera and the paparazzi ……

aren't I pretty?

aren’t I pretty?

While other pets just watched the procession go by from their royal perches….

how "common" they all look.....

how “common” they all look…..

In any case, it is always a great way to start the holiday.  I hope that your turkey day was great and that you enjoy the rest of the season.

Gotta go.....!

Gotta go…..!


Pre-Holiday Cuteness

I’m in the process of backing up my thousands of photos and combining some of my Libraries.  As I transferred some files from one our Alaska trips I started to look through some of the pics.  Couldn’t resist sharing this one with you before the holidays – hope you all have a great holiday season!!

Who says puppies are cute?

Who says puppies are cute?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Magic

I chose a simple photo of something that is completely natural and expected but is still something that is just plain Magic.  My friend Ross (from Scotland) and I were up in Yosemite National Park a week or so ago (with thousands of our fellow gawkers) and did a quick run around the sights as he had never been there before.  We managed to find a parking space in the valley in the afternoon and did a quick walk around a pasture looking up at the massive rock faces as the sun started to go down.  I just snapped this photo of a tree in its full fall colors with the sun sifting through the leaves and with the cliffs in the background.  While this short lived transformation and explosion of colors happens every year at this time, it is still magic if you take the time to think about it.

Magical Change....

Magical Change….

Weekly Photo Challenge: Tiny

I took a photo earlier this week that fits the challenge “Tiny” perfectly.  While leaving the house I noticed some hummingbirds feeding on a bird of paradise next to my front porch.  I quickly got my camera and got a few decent shots of this tiny, agile flyer.  The colors of the hummer and the bird of paradise blended pretty nicely…..

Life goes on......I hope.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Transmogrify

I decided that my recent trip to the Eastern Sierras would provide good material for this week’s challenge “transmogrify”.    I chose this photo from the Trona Pinnacles for the challenge because of  two factors.  The first  is that the pinnacles are a drastic and out of this world change from the unappealing town nearby.  That is one of the reasons that it has been chosen for many hollywood films, from sci-fi features to “Top Gun”.  The second reason is that the pinnacles become even more impressive during changes in lighting such as sunrise and sunset.  This photo was taken just at sunset before the stars and the milky way made their appearance.  The transition of colors in the sky and the shadows of the pinnacles was rapid and dramatic.  Well worth  the stopover……

Trona Transition

Trona Transition

Weekly Photo Challenge: H2O

It took me a long time to get to the last photo challenge but here is my interpretation of H2O – in 3 physical states.  I took this photo early on our trip to Svalbard, Norway.  This area was one of the first glaciers we came across after our first night on the good boat Polaris.  It was a gloomy morning until the sun started to burn off some of the clouds and the mist near the glacier.  I caught this scene just as the fog (gaseous H2O) was lifting over the Glaciers (solid) and the Fjord (liquid).  It was quite a spectacular sight – the photo does not do it justice but it was a great first morning on our Arctic journey…..

Serene and Scenic

Serene and Scenic


A simple political question…..

I don’t often write political commentary or opinion on this blog but this campaign season has compelled me to at least ask one simple question.  If you were hiring one of the two candidates to be an executive for your own company (or other organization), who would you hire?  As a former senior executive within the Department of the Navy who made many of those type of decisions in over 30 years of government service – I think it is appropriate to put our (the voters) decision in that context.

Would you hire the candidate who comes with an extensive knowledge of all aspects of your business and has been successful at all levels (despite difficult challenges and environments) or would you hire an “outsider” with no applicable experience or track record and a questionable (at best) and undocumented record in their own business?

Would you hire the candidate who has done extensive research on the issues currently facing your company and who can describe their strategy and approach to those issues or, would you hire the candidate who overly simplifies the issues leading to impractical or ineffective strategies, brags about successes not related to the issues, and  who cannot even understand your detailed questions about your specific issues?

Would you hire the candidate who has worked with your company’s leadership to solve difficult problems and who understands the different issues of your entire customer base, or would you hire the candidate who is critical and disparaging towards your company without understanding your work environment or the vast diversity of your customer base both domestically and across the globe?

Would you hire the candidate who shows respect for all people or the candidate who sees diversity as an impediment?

Would you hire the candidate who may not be the most likeable but can perform the duties of the position, or would you hire the candidate who brags about successes (without proof of those successes) who is likely to alienate both your workers and your customers?

Would you hire the candidate whose extensive open record contains many accomplishments but also a few highly public mistakes or would you hire the candidate who has taken all possible steps to keep his or her record a complete secret (even from those he intends to serve -the voters)?

Would you hire the candidate who is likely to continue the success of your company with steady if not spectacular results or would you hire the candidate who brags of instantaneous and miraculous results with no substantiation of approach and who may present a dangerous threat to your company due to conflicts with your long established company values and morality?

In the face of adversity, would you hire the candidate who could express understanding, compassion, and a measured way forward or would you hire the candidate who is likely to be angered, threatened,  and/or take such a situation as a personal affront?

Would you hire the candidate that is likely to hire key personnel (eg. Supreme Court Justices) who have a proven history of dedication to the values of your company, customers, and other constituents or, would you hire the candidate who would blindly listen to supporters of a minority of your interested parties independent of likely issues/impacts to be addressed?

Would you hire the candidate whose experiences demonstrate support for your workers wellbeing or would you hire the candidate with a history of sacrificing his commitments to his workers in favour of his own personal balance sheet/reputation?

Would you hire the candidate who has significant experience in making life or death decisions when necessary or would you hire the candidate who puts everything, including human life and decency in profit and loss terms?

Would you hire the candidate who is cautious in describing sensitive issues which might affect your company and/or its competitors or would you hire the candidate who praises your competitors while berating your own company and its leadership?

Would you hire a candidate who could be a source of inspiration to others or would you hire the candidate who is just as likely to be a curiosity  or embarrassment to your company and customers?

Would you hire the candidate who sifts through differing opinions and complex position papers in order to make an informed decision or one whose opinion is primarily influenced by a Twitter feed?

Would you hire the candidate who has actually achieved results for the disadvantaged in your company or customer base or will you choose the candidate who has had little life experience with the concept of disadvantage and looks upon those in that condition as either undeserving or flawed?

While these considerations might sound slanted (they are), they are the kinds of things that every executive weighs when making important personnel decisions.  We collectively are about to make such a decision.  I hope that you will consider this “checklist” of  evaluation factors or, even better, make one of your own before you take the next and most important action – to VOTE!






Weekly Photo Challenge: Quest

When thinking about photo opportunities I often think about what the most challenging aspect of a shot may be.  That was especially on my mind yesterday as I was trying out a new camera (the Fuji XT-2) in the challenging environment of the USMC airshow at Miramar in San Diego.  The contributing factors were that this camera has a brand new (improved?) autofocusing system, I hadn’t had the chance to practice with it much,  and I would be trying to capture very quickly moving aircraft.  I especially thought about one of the most difficult shots that I knew I would encounter (based on being at this airshow before).  The Navy’s aviation demonstration team, the Blue Angels, would be performing and one of their featured demonstrations is for their two solo aircraft to approach each other from  opposite ends of the runway and pass VERY close together at midfield – with a closing speed of over 800 mph!.  As you might guess, that situation stresses the camera, the autofocus system and the photographer – that was my quest.  Long story short, I waited for the moment of that maneuver and prepared for the shot.  As the aircraft approached the centre of the show, each flying at over 400mph, I tracked one aircraft and tried to guess the moment they would pass.  I fired off a quick sequence of shots but I didn’t know whether I had caught both aircraft as I had to quickly prepare for the next pass of “the Blues”.  I didn’t actually look at my photos until I got home and did a quick review of my photos.  I was greatly relieved to find this shot (the one that I had imagined in my mind) in the collection.  My small quest had been a success……!

A quick quest captured

A quick quest captured