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Weekly Photo Challenge: Serene

This week’s challenge was easy for me.  I’ll take you back to Tanzania on one of our last evenings there.  As usual, we were still out with the wildlife at Sundown.  We had been watching a group of female lions getting ready for their nightly hunt but we had also been watching a group of Elephants a few hundred yards away.  I decided to try to get a ground level shot of an elephant with the sun going down over his/her back.  While I couldn’t quite get that photo framed due to the brush in front of us, I kept moving to try and catch the beautiful sunset along with these gentle giants.  When I look at this capture, it immediately brings back a sense of excitement (in trying to get the shot) but also the quiet calm and beauty of the scene and this magnificent creature standing in front of me….

Serene Giant (1 of 1)

Serene Giant


Weekly Photo Challenge: Cherry on Top

Sorry for the delay in posting for this challenge – I’m still busy going through all my images from our trip to Svalbard and Norway.  After ten days cruising the Arctic on a small boat taking wildlife and scenic photos, we returned to “mainland” Norway and did a car trip through some incredibly beautiful towns and scenery.  We spent our last night in the incredible town of Alesund – a beautiful harbor town with an art nouveau theme.  At just before midnight, I wandered out in town as it looked like there might be a nice sunset (one of the things that we missed in Svalbard as the sun never really went down).  I took this photo over the classic ships in the harbor and the small lighthouse at the end of the pier – a beautiful view and a great way to complete our trip.

a Cherry of a night....

a Cherry of a night….


Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

If there were no “Change” there would be a lot of bored photographers out there.  Much of photography is catching those moments of change whether it be in a person’s action, or the state of the environment.  I’ll use one of the most common changes that photographers focus on – the golden hour between the day and the night.  When the sunlight is low in the sky, when the clouds are highlighted, and when everything seems just a little more clear and focused.  This photo I call “time to head home” with surfers transitioning to a new part of their day as the sunset starts the change into night.

Time to Head Home

Time to Head Home

Zion Sunset

I was looking though some old photos for ones that I hadn’t really developed or posted.  This photo was taken in the evening at Zion National Park in Utah.  I was actually hanging off the side of a steep sandy slope trying to get the “star” effect off the sun setting behind another mountain.  It was a lovely evening and I was trying to capture both the beauty and the quiet of the moment.

Star of the Evening

Star of the Evening


Weekly Photo Challenge: Warmth

I’m late again this week but finally got around to looking at this week’s challenge, “Warmth.”  Warmth always makes me think of Balmy evenings on the beach in a tropical local.  This photo is from Taveuni, Fiji on just such a night.  The storms off the coast cooperated and lit up the skies with a nice display of warm colors.


Air- 80 degrees, Water 80 degrees