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Archive for February 19, 2012

Arches National Park

This was taken our first afternoon at Arches National Park just outside of Moab Utah.  It is an unbelievable collection of huge red rock formations that spring up from the landscape.  We didn’t get any good morning sun while we were there but the afternoons were great.  This is a look across a wide expanse of brush lands toward some of the formations – including one of the two “window” arches that you can see in the photo.  Beyond are snow covered peaks which just add to ambiance this time of year.  This photo doesn’t do it justice at all – those rock formations are huge – it is an amazing place.

Arches National Park approaching sunset

This second photo is just to give you a sense of scale.  This is the arch that you can see in the distance of the other photo and that is my wife, Dee, standing under the arch.

One of the Window Arches