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More Arches National Park

This was from our second afternoon at Arches.  This area is characterized by a multitude of pinnacles rising from the desert floor.  You can hike in the valleys but either need a guide or you have to attend an orientation session to ensure that you don’t get lost in the valleys.  The first photo is a wide shot that includes some of the surrounding scenery.  The different colors are stunning in person.

a sculpture in Orange...

The second picture again is to provide some perspective.  If you look along the top of the red rock ridge line, you will see a “V”, or notch, in the spires.  To the right of that notch there are two spires topped in lighter rock.  Nothing there right?  To the contrary, this blown up photo shows 4 people who have climbed the rocks.  They are still small but compare the two pictures to get an idea of the real size of these formations.  Can you spot all four?

Tiny People